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Portfolio Henri Goldsmann

Special Skills:

● Excellent skills in Adobe Creative Suite CC apps -Animate-Photoshop-Illustrator.
● Highly skilled core principles of 2D animation.
● Highly skilled at creating 2D concept and lay-out art with a good eye for composition,
   colour, lighting, anatomy and perspective. 

● Strong Visual Cinematic Storytelling skills, Storyboard/Character Design, fast sketch
ability, digital or by hand.

● Extreme attention to detail.

● Strong understanding of camera techniques, layout and perspective.

● Ability to create artwork in different art styles, including realistic, fantasy, or comic book

● Game Development: In-depth knowledge of visual principles including human proportion and anatomy, form, shape,
   composition, design and how they relating to game development.

● Experience working in the online gaming industry: 2 games published and created assets for 3 other games.
● Highly skilled at digital illustration and digital painting using a variety of techniques.

● Able to work in multiple styles.

● UI/UX skills.

● Good acreative ideas.
● Highly skilled at creating Vector illustrations.
● Highly skilled in creating presentations for keynote/Powerpoint/brochures with infographics.
● Experience working under and meeting tight deadlines.

● Good communication and organisational skills. Fluent in English and Dutch.

● A proven track record of creating clean and modern 2D digital artwork.

More about Henri Goldsmann

Storyboard - 2D Layout Sketch - Character Design - Concept Art - 

Anatomy - Perspective - Quick Sketch Ability